agnès b.

agnès b. pioneer of graffiti

agnès b.
Director of the brand ready-to-wear that bears his name, the “gallery of the day”, patron and collector of street art. Agnes B. is one of the first to support urban art in France and in the world.

“What to my heart and I keep repeating is that graffiti is not pollution. Rather, it is a rich art. Something that beautifies life, which beautifies the city. “ Agnès b.

Agnès b., whose real name is Agnes Disturbed, is the founder of the gallery of the day, a great collector of contemporary art, a passionate and urban art. Great patron of the arts, it supports numerous artistic events, publishes a periodical of contemporary art (irony Point) and was an important contemporary art collection, a large part of Street Art. Agnes B. is the first in France to exhibit four walls street art in his gallery. Its first urban art exhibition was in 1984 with The Ripoulin brothers, she is the first to expose. Then carry out the first exhibition of stencils, simply named The stencils. It then come after many solo-show: Manhu Ripoulin (1987), Futura 2000 (1989), Bad BC (1990) …

She asserts its pioneering role in the world of graffiti art in France with his collective exhibition in September 2001 with greatest international artists of the genre. Not less than 17 graffiti artists that are part of this event as, Andrew, Jonone, Space Invader, Futura and others. It gives this exhibition has two dimensions: that of the ephemeral, with the achievements of artists directly on the gallery walls, and the other “sustainable” with the works sold.

Apart from his work with the Street artists at the gallery of the day, Agnès b. collaborated on many cultural projects. She was the godmother of the 9th edition of Urban Films Festival in spring 2014, when the price agnès b. rewarded a short film by the Documentary category. She is also the president of the association La Place , which will be the new Hip-Hop Cultural Centre Halles from January 2016.

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