A film by Théodore Berg Boy and Aymeric Colletta

A young street artist and a gallery owner don’t know each other. However, they share a common passion and the same distress: a taste for beautiful things, the love of art and – at the same time – a feeling of isolation and loneliness… emptiness. Fate will unite them and this meeting – halfway between urban art and photography – will unable them to create something unexpected.

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“Passage” is a fiction film, which relates the meeting of two persons: a young artist and a gallery owner. Those two people bonding could a metaphor of what occurs when a street artist – with his codes and his culture – finds himself thrown in a more institutional way of life: the life of the art market and museums. Without judging or trying to understand, we can see that this meeting was meant to be and that it leads to the creation of something new. Indeed, once put in a gallery, urban art is much more that just a piece of art framed on a wall, it’s a change of paradigm.
This merging of two different worlds transforms the realities of the protagonists – it creates a new dimension. And this new dimension coexists with the original dimensions.
The story is staged in an ambiguous way, confronting two realities distant from the characters. At first, these realities stand aside, but they end up facing each other when the artist decides to paint on the large wall facing the gallery, on the other side of the street. The gallery unexpectedly turns into a giant pinhole camera, into a camera obscura, and it becomes the observer, staring at the artist’s work, which is naturally projected in real time on the walls of the gallery itself.
The substance of the film also takes a closer existential look to art. An incarnation of the artistic movement and a vital and transcendantal move.

Year of production : 2017
A film by : Theodore Berg Boy and Aymeric Colletta
Starring : Nil Lilamand Sadar, Manolo Mesa et Renk
Production : Urban Art Fair and OSSI Productions

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